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Vulnerable Customers Monitoring Made Easy

Identify vulnerable customers and protect them from any harm by monitoring a customer journey tailored to their needs

Our Story

Our founding team has more than 20 years of combined experience overseeing portfolios of millions of customers in some of the biggest financial firms in the world. During that time, they identified two main challenges with current programs:

  1. controls that review complaints and feedback from the front line is reactive; and,

  2. many vulnerable customers suffer irremediable harm because when a problem was identified it was already too late.

With the purpose of improving the treatment of customers with special needs, ARM provides firms with additional proactive tools to prevent any harm.

Our team has collaborated with several institutions and advisory groups to review thousands of pages of regulations and guidelines along with independent research to develop our AI and algorithms technology.

ARM was one of the few innovative firms selected for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Digital Sandbox Pilot focused on vulnerable customers.

Our solution has evaluated 2.5 million individuals and 400 million transactions.

Recognitions and Awards

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