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Meet the Long Arm of Loan Portfolio Compliance

With more than 20 years of combined experience in financial services compliance and data analytics, our platform has already monitored more than $1 billion in loans.

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See the Whole
Portfolio Picture

Financial institutions should be able to analyse operations for up 100% of their customer portfolio. ARM makes this possible. We translate the regulatory body into algorithms that survey all data and communications with customers to automate the identification of compliance vulnerabilities. The result? An expanded reach of your control and improved effectiveness overall.

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Cut Out the
Repetitive Tasks

Our team has developed tests that automate tasks like extracting data, analysing calls, and reviewing documents. ARM´s platform simplifies compliance monitoring and testing to focus financial services firms´ resources into more value-added activities, improving the efficiency of their controls while saving up to 90% of the time spent on manual reviews.

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Stop Customer Issues
Before They Occur

With the help of our sophisticated platform financial services firms can quickly and easily remediate any issue before their customers suffer any inconvenience. With more than 50 predefined tests that automatically identify regulatory vulnerabilities and the customers impacted daily, you´ll be able to identify the entire population of customers impacted before any real damage is done.


Putting the 'quality' into one client's

Quality Assurance program.

Learn how ARM proved to be the right partner for one high growth company by automating  their QA  program, achieving a 50% savings on time spent on issue identification, and reducing the customers response time from 2 weeks to 48 hours.


USE CASE 1 - Notifications Quality Assurance

In prior years, lenders in the UK spent millions of pounds on compliance and remediation costs due to notifications sent with wrong amounts, incorrect format or missing required information. Some customers did not receive notifications at all.

ARM platform can review thousands of notifications every day to quickly and accurately flag compliance-related risks, saving countless hours in manual tasks.

Lenders can review notifications before they are sent to prevent any issues or audit notifications already sent to identify customers impacted and complete remediation in record time.

Estimate how many hours spent on manual tasks your team can save with our savings calculator!


We Give You Peace of Mind for Your Portfolio

One-off solutions are no longer the option. The identification of issues can be automated, monitored and proactive. Let's change the paradigm.

Old Paradigm

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Periodic: Analysis are performed when issues arised.

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Sample testing: Reaches a small part of the population and it is not conclusive.

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Manual testing: Requires large internal and external personnel.

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Remediation approach: Oversight is focused on remediating an issue once it happens.

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Time consuming reporting: Reports are performed on demand and usually not used again.

New Paradigm

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Continuous: Analysis is executed and monitored daily.

Entire portfolio: Monitors and tests 100% of the portfolio.

Automated testing: Frees internal personnel and reduces/eliminates external resources.

Proactive approach: Oversight is focused on preventing issues before they have an impact.

Standardized reports: Reports are ready to share at any time with business areas and audit.

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The Future of Loan Portfolio Maintenance is Now

Centralize compliance oversight in a single platform.

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Monitors Operations

Includes a dashboard that provides 100% visibility of operations and compliance performance daily and benchmarks business areas/vendors.

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